X Factor

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It's simple. Guess who will win the season and, each week, who will get nominated and evicted. You'll get points if you're right and can play with your friends.

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The season has finished!

X Factor has wrapped up for the year. Login in to find out how you did.

The Rules

Each week:

1) Before Sunday each week select the contestants you think will be Singing for Survival and the person(s) you think will be the loser (booted off) on Sunday evening 
2) You score 5 points for each correct person on the shortlist and 10 points if your elimination choice is correct
3) Repeat weekly
4) If the number on the shortlist and up for elimination changes – we will change with it as best we can
5) PredictorPro's decision is final

Bottom box - Overall winner:

1) In the bottom box pick the person you think will win the whole game – you have 3 ‘lives’
2) In week 1 there are 120 points but this reduces by 10 points each week
3) If your choice is eliminated you can select another person with your second ‘life’
4) You can wait to make your selections but, the amount of points available reduces by 10 each week
5) If your second life is eliminated you have one final ‘life’
6) PredictorPro's decision is final

X-Factor Final 2010

Mr Matt Cardle scooped the biggest prize in pop taking the prized crown back to Essex. Rebecca just didn't seem to have the belief and looking at the stats Matt was always the firm favourite (http://xfactor.itv.com/_uploads/userassets/files/vote2010.pdf).

Winning the people's vote for each round except for the first. Can he make it as a pop icon, will we even remember him this time next year?

Hope you all enjoyed our game, click the World League tab to see all the final placings.